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The origins of psoriasis are still unknown to this day. Most often on the elbows or knees, psoriasis can appear on any part of the body, even on the hair. Most often as white patches, psoriasis does not itch in all cases unlike eczema. This skin disease is very restrictive for individuals affected both socially and psychologically.

Our Solution:
Natural Cosmetics, always in its commitment to transparency towards its customers, offers a Psoriasis Care Pack called Healthy Skin Care Pack P. This pack contains:
-A Healthy Skin Care Cream P
-Sulfur soap and cade oil

You will find it here: Psoriasis Body Care Pack

The Healthy Skin Care Cream P is made from a unique and exclusive Natural Cosmetics Formula to bring you the best possible results while using all-natural products.
The combination of the Healthy Skin Care Cream P with sulfur soap and cade oil will allow you to have a complete treatment for a month at the rate of once a day.
Order our Healthy Skin Pack P for only 25 €.

For people also suffering from psoriasis on the hair, we offer a Psoriasis Hair Care Pack consisting of Healthy Skin Cream P as well as a Shampoo with Cade oil that you will find here: Psoriasis Hair Care Pack

Natural Cosmetics can afford to apply low prices for its customers because we are Producer and Distributor and our products are 100% Made In France in our Cosmetic Production Laboratory in Verniolle. Our formulas are certified as compliant with the Idea Tests Laboratory.
Natural Cosmetics offers you a follow-up service during your treatment and Post-Treatment.
You just need to make a request by email: contact@naturalcosmetics.fr

Instructions for use and advice:
Apply a routine to perform your treatment as effectively as possible.
Determine a fixed time at which you go each day to apply our products.
Once this routine has been determined, you can now begin your Natural Cosmetics experience.
First: Wash the affected areas with Sulfur Soap and Cade oil, be sure to wash over the affected areas. Leave on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
Now your skin is healthy and disinfected, you can apply a small amount of Healthy Skin Care Cream P to the areas affected by psoriasis. Massage until the cream is incorporated.
So here is your Natural Cosmetics Routine. Be sure to do it daily for 1 month.
Natural Cosmetics guarantees visible results from the first week of use.
The Secret lies in your rigorous use of our products.
Believe in it and you will see the results. Your trust is our greatest pride.

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