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Créme anti-verrues
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Warts Care Cream


There are several types of warts: the soft and the most answered wart being the common wart. Most of the time the wart appears on the hands, fingers and there is also the plantar wart which appears at the level of the support of the feet.

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Instructions and advice:

Using a cotton swab, apply the cream to the wart to be treated three times a day, whether for warts on the hands or fingers or feet. To treat plantar warts, corns, calluses, partridge eye apply the cream on the wart with the cotton swab and leave the airy part, before going to bed made the last application of the day on the street worm or the horn and let the feet air out because the wart will dry faster.

Our cream with this natural local treatment is suitable for the most stubborn warts

Product certified by the IDEA Laboratory in Bordeaux France

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