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Argan Oil


Argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, gives this oil a cleansing and nourishing care. natural oil without dye or additive, it does not attack the skin.

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How to use it ? For facial wrinkles: - Apply argan oil on the face, in light massages, without omitting the eye area, until completely absorbed. For the body: - make the oil penetrate by massages on the body, insisting on stretch marks in the case of pregnancy, after childbirth or significant weight loss.For hair and scalp: Avoid spikes split ends, hair loss, and makes it smooth and silky. - before showering, apply the oil to the hair, taking care to make it penetrate the scalp, rubbing vigorously. Wrap the head with a warm, damp towel before allowing the oil to be absorbed down to the hairline. Leave to act until the towel has cooled. This can be done as many times as necessary.

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